Feeling Saved

I've heard some people say things "I know I'm saved because I feel good about it," or "If I were lost, I would definitely feel like I was." I'm sure we've all heard people talk or pray to God to give us a "feeling" so that we can be assured about the truth. I would … Continue reading Feeling Saved

Coming to Christ

If you search through the New Testament, you'll find that there are a lot of passages that talk about being "in Christ." What I've noticed recently, though, is that there is a lot of confusion on what that really means. What does it really mean to be "in Christ?" Why should a person want to … Continue reading Coming to Christ


One thing that has always been a big issue in the religious world is confusion; specifically, confusion that leads to disagreements and division. People divide into different denominations, teach different things, worship different ways, etc. - all because people are confused somehow about God's will. So where does this confusion and ignorance come from? Is … Continue reading Confusion