Facts About Salvation

In today's religious world, I think most people would agree that's throne is one of tremendous mercy and grace, beyond our own comprehension. We receive a multitude of spiritual blessings from God through our Savior, Jesus Christ. We are freed from our sins through His sacrifice, and He can sympathize with our sins because, as we … Continue reading Facts About Salvation

Befriending Jesus

One of my favorite songs to lead is "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." It really captures the greatness of being able to go to God the Father through Jesus. No matter what struggles we are going through, whatever weight we have on our shoulders; whatever the need may be, we can take it … Continue reading Befriending Jesus

One Church or Many Denominations?

In most areas of life, it's typically seen as an advantage to be to unique or without equal. Athletes are praised for their unique strength and for winning championships and titles. Companies with popular products pride themselves on their uniqueness in their advertisements. But in religion today, in these denominations, it's seen as distasteful, politically … Continue reading One Church or Many Denominations?